I'm paying, you playing? Newbs and fluffy bunnies welcome...

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03-01-2008 01:11:10

Paying for some old school sites I need to finish up... I can get friends to do trades if you're not into that kind of sordid money exchange... Here's what I needs

2 for YourIpodTouch4free Paying $25

3 for YourfreeIStuff

Gift Monkey points by the Handful Paying $14 a point. (or trading 2 points a site)

Newbs completely welcome, as long as you know the trade rules, and do the site properly. Come on, do gift monkey and spend 2 dollars and get me a point! make 12 dollars profit and then go buy your mom some potholders.. it's so exciting!

Pm me. I'll fondle you when I wake up.