Green for $2 New Offers Half up Front Paying $22 Fast Cred.

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02-01-2008 16:37:25

Hey all help push my TR over the 60 Market Possibly 77 . I am looking for 10 Refferals who want to spend a little money and want fast credting . I am paying $22 on Green for the Free Spree Site . If your interested all you have to do is send me a PM and I will set up the trade . I love to help newbies as well . I will be on for most of the evening . I am trying to save to go to Panama again this summer on a Missions trip as well and I need $1500 . So why not help out for a good cause and earn money as well . Once again payment is on green I will be awake making all payments tonight so if your ready to green I am ready to pay you . Here is the offer link listed Below .

Right now I am paying half up front for a limi x ted time please remember I am doing this cause I know some people need money to complete the offers so I am understanding please donot burn me .

http// $22 on green

Ok thanks for looking at my trade thread you can send me an Instant message any time for support and help .

Newbie Training 101 is starting up soon I can also teach you ways of bringing in money without refferals as well send me an Instant message now !

Chefynb for AIM ! [/sizeac2211b124] D


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please tell me about your site,,please pm me


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