2008 Cash Bonuses! $20 on top of $60 for prizeoasis

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02-01-2008 12:37:10

[b875b8da1fb]Happy New Year Friends, Welcome to 2008! [/b875b8da1fb]
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Here are my current trade propositions, please review the sites you would like to green at, choose your sites, and reply below.

-I provide Instant payments to Paypal
-I will help with offer decisions
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[u875b8da1fb]Cash For Referral trades (2 credit)[/u875b8da1fb][/size875b8da1fb]
for any of these sites I will pay the listed price, if you do both of these I will Pay a $20 Bonus. equal to $133.53 for two sites.

[u875b8da1fb][b875b8da1fb]http//100.prizeoasis.com for $60[/b875b8da1fb][/u875b8da1fb]
Prizeoasis is a great site to green at, the support is prompt, and there are a good amount of offers to choose from. Green is easy here. They pay $100 per referral on this website

[u875b8da1fb][b875b8da1fb]http//80.macrobucks.com for $53.53[/b875b8da1fb][/u875b8da1fb]
Macrobucks is my ultimate cash-cow. People always choose this website, and will always green! The site has a great green offer approval! The support is superb. The cashouts are daily. on this site, they pay $80 per referral, and always have bonus promotions.

Cash For Referral trades (1 credit)[/size875b8da1fb]
for any of these sites I will pay the listed price, for every second site you do I will pay a $15 bonus

[u875b8da1fb][b875b8da1fb]http//www.rocketbills.com for $35[/b875b8da1fb][/u875b8da1fb]
Rocketbills is known for Rocket fast service. They pay rocket fast, have rocket fast support, and rocket fast greens are easy to acquire. This site will pay $60 for every referral that greens.

[u875b8da1fb][b875b8da1fb]http//www.cashparrot.com for $20[/b875b8da1fb][/u875b8da1fb]
Cashparrot is run by the same group as Rocketbills. So expect Instant payments, fast support, and rocket fast greens. This sit will pay $40 for every referral green.

[u875b8da1fb][b875b8da1fb]http//40.prizeoasis.com for $20[/b875b8da1fb][/u875b8da1fb]
40.prizeoasis is easy to green, with only one offer, you can green Instantly. Within 1 day you will be able to recieve green. the support will be there with the cash!

[u875b8da1fb][b875b8da1fb]http//60.macrobucks.com for $35[/b875b8da1fb][/u875b8da1fb]
This macrobucks site will be easier for you to green instantly. recieve your cash within a day!

[b875b8da1fb]Bonus [/b875b8da1fb][/size875b8da1fb]Remember, any two Sites you do for me, it's a $15 Bonus... Do 100.prizeoasis, and Macrobucks recieve $133.

Pm me for any questions, Reply below with your trade proposal!