Please. i need referalls now.

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Montie Da Champ

01-01-2008 23:00:43

Well. I need an iPod Classic to give to my little sister because she has been dying to have one since they came out. she's never had anything nice, and our parents aren't the greatest. Our entire family is short on money, so i've tried to take up the "free sites" online. I've already tried a couple, but ended up being screwed out of the credits.

I guess i'm offering 18 dollars if you will sign up and do an offer under my referall link. I read the rules, the entire "new people" thread and the whole "PM" everybody/talk to people on aim business that i received when i first registered (i don't think tha tmade any sense.) So PM me if you are interested in doing my referall thingy. it's for yourfreevideoipods cuz thts what my sister wanted for xmas but didn't get.

I will send the money after i see that you have completed an offer and my account goes up 1 referall

sandra habina

02-01-2008 11:21:38

Hon, you might have better luck if you check around and see that most other traders are offering $25-30 for that same site. Just a thought.
And if you build up your TR trade record a bit - people will be more trusting of you. If you have any questions or need any help - just PM me.

Best of luck