90% payout on 1 credit, 1 referral sites! (eg 60.Macrobucks)

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28-12-2007 00:59:17

I may be crazy to do this but I have a promotion going.. All my referrals require only 1 credit to Green![/color497afd219e][/size497afd219e] And Only 1 referral[/color497afd219e][/size497afd219e] to cash out!
liThe freebie sites usually only take a few hours to pay after you have gone green and approval has been submitted.

Go green and stay green and I will pay you [b497afd219e]90%[/b497afd219e][/color497afd219e][/size497afd219e] of what they pay me! See my offers below[/size497afd219e]

60.macrobucks.com - They pay me [b497afd219e]$60[/size497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/color497afd219e], I PAY YOU [b497afd219e]$54[/color497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/size497afd219e]

YourHugeRewards.com - They pay me [b497afd219e]$60[/size497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/color497afd219e], I PAY YOU [b497afd219e]$54[/color497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/size497afd219e]

Paypal.Treatsforyou.com - They pay me [b497afd219e]$40[/size497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/color497afd219e], I PAY YOU [b497afd219e]$36[/color497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/size497afd219e]

moms2b.ourloot2boot.com - They pay me [b497afd219e]$40[/size497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/color497afd219e], I PAY YOU [b497afd219e]$36[/color497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/size497afd219e]

50.expressbux.com - They pay me [b497afd219e]$50[/size497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/color497afd219e], I PAY YOU [b497afd219e]$45[/color497afd219e][/b497afd219e][/size497afd219e]

This promotion will only last for the first 5 people who PM me with full intention of going green. Other then a green all i require is an honest remark of how doing business and trading with me was in my TR!

I will keep the post updated with how many slots are left. Currently 0/5[/color497afd219e][/size497afd219e] positions have been filled.


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