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25-12-2007 10:08:21

sorry i wont be doing anymore sites, i did my first top trades with "honest" people here and didnt get paid for neither, jeagle and btisa.
one was "suppose to pay 4 days ago" the other never even tried to contact me. i told her i was green and never heard anything from him/her these 2 people have turned me off from doing sites, so i wont be back sorry to the other people who i didnt get to trade with first, but i didnt want to trade with 30 more people and have them not pay me to.

sandra habina

25-12-2007 10:49:33

You should contact a moderator dear. Perhaps they can help you.

There are many good traders here. Do not give up so fast.

I am not sure why they would not pay - perhaps they were not on for a couple of days or some other reason. But definitely try to reach an agreement with both traders - it should work out okay for you.

Best of luck to you.

I can ashure you that if you went green on one of my sites - then you get paid promptly. As well as many other traders. Read their profile feedbacks. You will see - most really are HONEST AND TRUE TO THEIR WORDS DEAR.


25-12-2007 15:03:38

Sorry to hear of your bad experience. There are good traders out there.


25-12-2007 15:50:49

you should definitely contact a moderator, they will help you get the situations resolved!


25-12-2007 18:54:14

Sorry to hear about that,but don't let a few bad apples turn you against this,everyone here that has posted are great traders and very honest,so please don't give up,contact a moderator.


25-12-2007 19:23:53

Very sorry to hear that.
Please follow the posted advices to deal with such a sorrowful situation.
We are by your side.


25-12-2007 20:19:14

When did you trade with jeagle? He is currently on vacation for Xmas. For, it must be a reason why he didn't pay you.


26-12-2007 18:46:46

Yeah Jeagle is a good guy, I cannot see him not paying you unless he hasn't been online and seen that you went green. I am not sure who btisa is so I don't know anything about him/her but there are a lot of good traders here that would not rip you off, just be careful and read their feedback and check to make sure their names were never in the scammer section.


26-12-2007 19:04:45

I know jeagle~and if it's bytista (not btisa), then there must be some confusion. I traded with both of them and got paid immediately, awesome communication, awesome traders! They are both true to their word. With the holidays, things get really crazy, just give them a chance to explain what happened. Are you sure you're green?

Hang in there~I did and I'm so glad that I did!!



26-12-2007 19:11:51

yeah jeagle has been here awhile and is good,he did post in the scammer section that he will be on vacation and if the other one is bytista he is also great i've traded with him and he is well both are honest


26-12-2007 19:38:33

You need to give them more time, especially since it's the holidays. Our rules allow 14 days of non-communication and these members have not had any trading problems that I know of.

In the future, contact a mod after you've waited the allowed amount of time instead of making thread like this.


31-12-2007 17:22:07

Why dont you get a moderater from the site to transfer your green to someone that will pay you that needs a green for those sites?