$20 or less to get $100 and newbie friendly too

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25-12-2007 08:51:43

I have a site that pays $200 for every referral you get, and it can be cashed out with only 1 referral. I am posting the offers link for this site so you can see all the free, $1 and no cc offers on this site. There are plenty and you have to have used up a lot of offers in order to have to pay more then $20 for you to go green. I pay on green via paypal, and am verified. I am an experience trader and will help you through the whole process if you need it.
So here is the link you follow to check out the offers


Now after you see how easy it is to get your green on this site, just pm me and we can set up a trade. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.



26-12-2007 06:41:33

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