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23-12-2007 20:31:30

I am offering $35 on the TRAINN site your PS34Free.com! Exclusive offer! Highest ever price for this Trainn site!

Ignore 1 credit sites, do only Trainn sites! 1 credit sites entails 2-3 offers to green. Trainn sites need only 1 offer. Why get paid $20-25 for doing 2-3 offers when you can get paid $35 by me for completing only 1 offer?

I will pay once Trainn has verify your green. Then I fill up your hungry Paypal account with $35 bucks! Because I am paying more than others, I use this as a precaution so that I do not get scammed.

PM me if interested and lets trade!


24-12-2007 10:29:52