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23-12-2007 14:30:02

[b8e1ea99291]Happy Holidays![/color8e1ea99291][/b8e1ea99291][/size8e1ea99291]

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Welcome to my thread! If you're new to this then you've come to the right place! I'm an honest, easygoing, and helpful trader here to get you off to the right start. I offer assistance through AIM or YIM most any time of the day. So if you're lost and don't know what to click on - just ask! If you've been through Project Payday and you're ready to start, just ask for my referral link. Communication is important! So stay in touch - go green- and get paid fast![/color8e1ea99291]

[size=188e1ea99291][color=red8e1ea99291]Happy Holidays![/color8e1ea99291][/size8e1ea99291]

[size=188e1ea99291][u8e1ea99291][b8e1ea99291][color=red8e1ea99291]Assistance via Yahoo or AOL messengers[/color8e1ea99291][/b8e1ea99291][/u8e1ea99291][/size8e1ea99291]

[img="8e1ea99291]http/" alt=""/"527/7433/logos2un7.jpg[" alt=""/img8e1ea99291]

[img="8e1ea99291]http//[" alt=""/img8e1ea99291][color=green8e1ea99291][size=188e1ea99291]Easy 1 Credit Sites![/size8e1ea99291][/color8e1ea99291][img="8e1ea99291]http//[" alt=""/img8e1ea99291]

[url=]http//[]http//[/url] [size=188e1ea99291][color=green8e1ea99291]$25[/color8e1ea99291][/size8e1ea99291]
[url=]http//[]http//[/url] $20
[url=]http//[]http//[/url] $20
[url=]http//[]http//[/url] $15

[img="8e1ea99291]http/" alt=""/"518/4947/paypalvc5.jpg[" alt=""/img8e1ea99291]
[b8e1ea99291]Check out the offers you can do here then reply to this post and PM/IM me when you're ready to START![/size8e1ea99291][/b8e1ea99291][/color8e1ea99291]

[u8e1ea99291][b8e1ea99291][color=blue8e1ea99291]WORD TO THE WISE[/color8e1ea99291][/b8e1ea99291]
[color=green8e1ea99291]li Have your firewall disabled, pop-up blocker off, and computer set to "accept" all cookies.

li Clear Cookies before beginning. Clear cookies in between offers and if you look at an offer and then decide not to do it....CLEAR COOKIES.

li Leave the confirmation page open for 5-10 minutes after you complete the offer…if you do not do this it may delay your “green” by not crediting you immediately for the offer.

liDo not start doing offers until I have given you my unique referral link.

liI highly recommend Firefox[/color8e1ea99291]

[img="8e1ea99291]http//[" alt=""/img8e1ea99291]

liliI pay immediately on green! If you go from green to red - a complete refund of our transaction will be expected.

[size=148e1ea99291][color=blue8e1ea99291][b8e1ea99291]Check me out at Free Lunch Room [url=]http//[]http//[/url][/b8e1ea99291][/color8e1ea99291][/size8e1ea99291]