Offering 30 for Green TRAINN

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22-12-2007 02:32:47

These are easy 1 credit offers PM ME !
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I will pay in cash or credit card ($20), you can send me an invoice with paypal if youd like and ill pay it using my CC but i dont have an actual account. Also I can pay you with Obopay. This is a prepaid card similar to netspend or Paypal, there are no upfront fees, it cost 10 cents to send money on it. If you want to get paid via Obopay, I can send you a link to signup where you will get [b098900f1b2]$10 free[/b098900f1b2] within a couple hours of your first transfer, this will give you a total of 30 in your Obopay account! They send you your mastercard [b098900f1b2]without any money down,[/b098900f1b2] or fees for the card (netspend charges 9.95) and transferring money is 10 cents plus 1.1% , which is cheap!! Fund from credit card or Bank account, same as Paypal. This service is provided by Citibank. I am not a rep of their company but fed up with [b098900f1b2]Paypal!!![/b098900f1b2]

Anyway your ipodtouchfree!! NEED REFERRALS! Will pay on green to your preferred method, ILL EVEN MAIL YOU CASH! These are EASY 1 credit offers! No fractions or partials! TRAINN is the most trusted! MERRY XMAS!
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