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21-12-2007 15:44:32

H...I just recently signed up for this forum and I have been trading on FLR and A4F..My screenname is the same on all forums in case you want to do a background check ..I know how it is....Anyway..I was scammed on FLR doing a ref 4 ref trade on FLR .Theurl==http://=http:///url owner of the site is letting me replace the referral I greened under .Sourl==http://=http:///url I have a green for sale..The site I am green on is paypal.getstuff4free and if you need a referral for that site Im green .Sourl==http://=http:///url in exchange if possible,I am looking for a referral on ...youripodtouch4free or you are able to green for me on one of those sites ,the owner is letting me do a switch .Sourl==http://=http:///url if your interested let me know.Thanks=)


22-12-2007 07:11:43



22-12-2007 17:22:25

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