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21-12-2007 14:00:32

Thank you for reading my post!
I've got some sites that I need greens on.
If you are paypal approved payment is on green. liif green in 48 hrs. from trade set up there will be a bonus of $3 only if you mention this when you pm me! If you have questions during the trade, just pm.

bose.v-bux- $44
cash.customorderthis- $26
ipods.ordergiftsfree- $26
40.macrobucks- $23
cashparrot- $22

if interested please pm- I'm here every night after 6 pm CST and every weekend! If we set up the trade and no green and no response to PM's for 6 days, trade will be cancelled.
thanks and have a great day!


22-12-2007 15:45:46

bump please