Paying $1 for signup - NO OFFERS - NO CC Neeeded - Everybod

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19-12-2007 09:55:56

Hey thanks for checking out my thread. I need about 40 people to sign up for a service called grooveshark and to download the software. This is a company like itunes who have shaken up the music industry. They let you listen to the whole song for free even if you dont buy it. You can even create a playlist for free. You put all ur music on there and you get paid when people download from you. Its like a legal P2P.

I am paying $1 via paypal for signing up and downloading the software. There is no ref link involved i will need your email address so i can send an invite. Please respond with the email address or send me a message and i will send u the paypal when i see that you have completed.

Thanks so much,


20-12-2007 07:40:50

bump it up.