I need money. Willing to do any site with offers in reason.

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19-12-2007 04:35:00

My employment decided to hire two temp workers and cut away into time of the only other 4 workers in the position. The other three lost 2 days per week, but I got the worst of it and lost 3 days.

Therefore, I need to keep up with the bills in the meantime (which are a little heavy) considering I have credit debts and this sudden change in scheduled time was unexpected. I am actively seeking a job (just about any, I'm going to have a hard time finding a job where I'm located).

I am willing to do any site if the offers are within reason of price (like I said, I'm going through a small snag).

Please send me a PM if you need any greens.


19-12-2007 04:36:48

....Trading Post?


19-12-2007 04:37:45

Wow, I thought I posted it in Trading Post.

Can you move the thread there for me please?


19-12-2007 05:51:44

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sandra habina

19-12-2007 06:12:07


All 1 credit sites. $30 on green

Best of luck to you.


19-12-2007 06:25:18

[quotecbbba67d37="sandra habina"]ROCKETBILLS

All 1 credit sites. $30 on green

Best of luck to you.[/quotecbbba67d37]

Can you PM me the offers?


19-12-2007 06:58:23


JockMonster $27 (1 credit)
cash.zeropricetags $27 (1 credit)
bonus.zeropricetags $35 (1.5 credits)

Let me know. I'll pay on green.


19-12-2007 07:21:10


Best of luck to you on finding a job. Here is what I have if you are interested just send a pm my way.

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19-12-2007 09:37:22

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

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If youíre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Iím willing to help!



19-12-2007 12:26:08

can you complete yourfreeistuff.com

PM me if yes. I have others also.


19-12-2007 12:47:55

hey can you complete highrollers.v-bux.com? willing to pay top $ pm me if interested


19-12-2007 13:48:45

[quote20744f8f26="deedotts"]hey can you complete highrollers.v-bux.com? willing to pay top $ pm me if interested[/quote20744f8f26]

What is your price for the green and what are the offers?


19-12-2007 14:20:08

Here is all the offers for www.v-bux.com


I'm not trying to steal traders just giving you the link.


19-12-2007 14:21:43

thank you


19-12-2007 16:56:27

I tried searching but can't seem to find an answer

Can you complete offers at work or do you have to do it from the computer you signed up on?


19-12-2007 17:22:31

You must complete offers from which you signed up at. Just so you Know we also Cannot check our sites from another pc. Doing either will cause your acct to go on hold for Multiple IP's

I Also have this Nocc site I'm trying to complete! Im paying $13 on green if your interested!

Poorfolk.Git-r-free.com (only requires 1/2 credit to green) Offer List![=http//poorfolk.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php]Offer List!