Get a Wii or PS3 bundle for 4 refs! I pay on green 40 TR FLR

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17-12-2007 21:34:06

Come and trade with me! I pay on green every time.

Paying refs on http//
Excellent site with hundreds of offers! $25 on green

Paying refs on http//
Great crediting, easy newbie site $25 on green

I need 1 referral on http//
Complete only 1 offer to go green! $30 on green

I need 3 referrals on http//
Paying on green! $25 on green

All of the above are 1 credit sites and very easy to complete. I can give all the support you need over Yahoo messenger or AIM.
I have 40+ TR on FLR and 100% positive. Look me up there.
If you have over 5 TR here on FIPG, I will add $5 bonus to your green, just because you are helping me gain a TR here as well.

[baebc835f63]The grand daddy site![/baebc835f63]


[baebc835f63]This is a 4 credit site! [/baebc835f63] Git - R - Free network literally has 5x the amount of offers as any other network. Even free ones worth half credits or more!
Once you are green, you will need anywhere from 1 - 4 refferals to cash out. A four referral account gets you a complete gaming system that is impossible to find right now (Wii, PS3, Xbox), plus controllers x 4, memory cards, games and accessories. Mouse over the bundle on the home page to view what you will receive. Excellent deal! Dont pay an ebay reseller $700 or more for just the console, git-R-FREE!

I will pay [baebc835f63]$100 per referral[/baebc835f63] who greens on this site, but to avoid being scammed and because it is such a high paying green, you will have to pass pre-approval from the site owner first. This should not take more than a few days max. If you are a very high TR, I will consider paying without the pre-approval. Newbies are welcome!

PM here or on FLR to go green on any of the sites above.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


18-12-2007 22:47:09

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