Fast $52 with Newbie-Friendly 1 Credit Sites! Experienced!

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17-12-2007 19:33:55


$30-$32 for Rocketbills view offers at http//
$18-$20 for CashParrot view offers at http//

These are great sites for beginners to become aquainted with the business, or for anybody who wants to make a quick 52 dollars. You only need to get one credit per site. You can do this easily with free and $1 offers!

I am free to help new people through the entire process, just PM or message me on AIM - I am almost always online, and if not I will get back to you promptly.

I pay via paypal when you are "GREEN"

For added speed incentive, if you "GREEN" within 48 hours per site (easy to do!) I will add 2 dollars to your total = $32 and $20.

Crediting Guide - Detailed explanations to help beginners go green and make the $52 quickly!

If you are interested in a quick, easy 52 dollars, please let me know in this thread and then private message me. I will send you my referral link and then help you to get started. Good luck and have a great holiday season !

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