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17-12-2007 19:04:38

I am paying you $10 to complete a free no cc site. All you have to do is sign up and I will send u $40 via paypal. This site pays you to take surveys. They pay $6 for each survey you complete and they are very easy and quick. I have made over $100 to date from this site. So not only will you get paid by the site but I will also send u $10 via paypal just to sign up. Once u sign up just send your paypal email and sign up email and I will send u ur $10 Thanks everybody.

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I promise this wont cost u a cent. U can even just sign up and never do anything on the site and I will give u $10, so what have you got to loose. Thanks again.

oops oops oops


17-12-2007 19:47:54

I am sending all payments tonight at 1130

so sign up now before my payout


17-12-2007 20:51:03

I'm very suspicious of this guy. I signed up, waiting for 1130.


18-12-2007 06:52:55

he does not pay do not use this link