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17-12-2007 08:41:46

PM me with your details so I can look it over.


17-12-2007 08:50:10

Great! I need a few greens. There's $250 free in cash bonuses available, just for doing a few of my sites. PM Sent. )


17-12-2007 08:50:20

Hey. I need greens at the following...

JockMonster $27
Cash.ZeroPricetags $27
Bonus.ZeroPricetags $35 (1.5 credit site)
Platinum.Wish4Free $125 (5 credit site)

I pay on green.
Let me know.


Freddy Fred

17-12-2007 10:57:06

$25 for desktopcomputers4free (TRAINN)

Offers http//


17-12-2007 13:04:48

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

$27 - http// - 1 credit
$25 if green after Dec. 24, 2007[/colorff13f97a75]

$27 - http// - 1 credit
$25 if green after Dec. 24, 2007[/colorff13f97a75]

$27 - http// - 1 credit
$25 if green after Dec. 24, 2007[/colorff13f97a75]

$30 - http//[]http// top - 1 credit
$25 if green after 12/24/07.[/colorff13f97a75]

$60 - www.http//[]www.http// wavey
View Offers Here[]
$55 if green after 12/24/07.[/colorff13f97a75]

$65 - http// - 4 credits
$60 if green after Dec. 24, 2007[/colorff13f97a75]

$90 - http// - 4 credits
$85 if green after Dec. 24, 2007[/colorff13f97a75]

Instant payment on green.[/sizeff13f97a75][/colorff13f97a75]

I will be available on aim babetran84[/colorff13f97a75] or yahoo lil_babieblue420[/colorff13f97a75] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youíre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Iím willing to help!



18-12-2007 03:10:35

I need
Freebiemonster - $30
Cashrewards - $30
YourPS34Free - $30
PM me!


18-12-2007 05:46:57

Pm'd you with details.



18-12-2007 10:59:44

Hi there I pmed you with my details also. I hope to do business with you soon.


18-12-2007 14:51:56

Check your inbox for some great sites when you are online. lol

sandra habina

18-12-2007 16:44:49

I have a few sites you might like. PM sent


18-12-2007 17:28:09

i need help on 2 sites

$ 1 credit site


pm me if interested


18-12-2007 19:18:31

Hey I'm paying $55 on 2 different sites!
and more site to come. PMing you my link or its below in the sign.


18-12-2007 20:13:26


I'm working on CandyOrderGiftsFree and Games123StuffForFree -- $25 for an "instant" green (within 24 hours) on either site. Let me know if you are interested in doing one of these...

Thanks for looking 8)


01-01-2008 16:13:07

I need greens on these sites, I am paypal verified and I pay on green


01-01-2008 20:12:32

Top priorities are
YourIpodTouch4Free, YourFreeFlatScreen, Tailgating.4evergreens ($25 on green for each).

JunkFood.F4E1, Cash.F4E1
($8 each-super easy no CC sites)

Trade Thread

I look forward to trading with you!!


Montie Da Champ

01-01-2008 23:06:32

sent you a PM.


02-01-2008 04:09:55

Hey there,

I need some greens on 3604free (Trainn), I'm paying $30 for each green. Let me know if you're interested..


06-01-2008 08:54:10

Hello! I have a whole bunch of sites to choose from!

Some that I'm working on right now

http// - $27 -- I'm running a special for the month of Jan on this site, normal price $20-$25.

TRAIN site http//[=http//]http// - $23 for green

I have many others too if you don't see anything you like here, just send me a PM w/any questions!!!

thanx and have a great day!