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[b7ca97b0c1e]CHRISTMAS WEEK SPECIAL[/color7ca97b0c1e][/size7ca97b0c1e]

This week only, everything is 80% payout!!
Plus for every 10 greens I get, I will have a drawing for $25!!

You must post a reply to this thread and PM me with the site you want to green. Youripodtouch4free is first come first serve.
You will get one entry into the drawing for every green you get. I will randomly pick 1 person for every 10 greens I receive. Drawing will be held 01/07/08. That will give you at least 7 days to green from the end of the promo.
Multi site bonuses do not apply this week.
This special ends at midnight on New Years Eve so you better hurry![/b7ca97b0c1e][/size7ca97b0c1e][/color7ca97b0c1e]

100% New Trader Friendly!

Need help? I will train you step by step!
I can get you ready to take referrals in one week from today.
The longer you wait the longer till you start making the real money.

If interested in one or more of the sites, please
post a reply in this thread stating you are
interested and send me a PM. Thanks

Do not signup for the site using the links below. You must use the link I provide you with by PM for the site you are interested in.

1 Credit sites[/size7ca97b0c1e][/color7ca97b0c1e]
(great sites for new traders)

http//www.youripodtouch4free.com $40 on green
lili Only 1 offer to green!! lili 2/7 only 5 spots left

http//VideoGames.Git-R-Free.com $32 on green
http//40.macrobucks.com $32 on green
http//kidzone.customfreebiez.com/viewoffers.php $32 on green
http//games.getit4free.net/viewoffers.php $40 on green
http//50.expressbux.com/viewoffers.php $40 on green
http//rocketbills.com/offers.php $48 on green
http//60.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $48on green
http//gifts.4freestore.com/viewoffers.php $48 on green
http//www.yourhugerewards.com/offers.php $48 on green
http//www.freebies4me.net/viewoffers.php $60 on green

2 Credit sites[/color7ca97b0c1e][/size7ca97b0c1e]

http//apple.macrobucks.com/offers.php $64 on green
http//lcds.macrobucks.com/offers.php $64 on green
http//80.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $64 on green
http//100.prizeoasis.com/viewoffers.php $80 on green
http//www.key2free.com/bigcash $80 on green
Tons of offers and almost all of them worth 1/2 credit.

3 Credit sites[/size7ca97b0c1e][/color7ca97b0c1e]
http//laptops.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $96 on green

100% credit sites (V-Bux)[/size7ca97b0c1e][/color7ca97b0c1e]
Click here for all V-BUX offers
(100% needed to green)

http//logitech.v-bux.com $48 on green
http//apple.v-bux.com $68 on green
http//bose.v-bux.com $68 on green
http//sony.v-bux.com $80 on green
http//dell.v-bux.com $80 on green

If you have a TR of 0, I, at my discretion reserve the right to pay at approval of 5 days after green whichever comes first.

If you are interested, Please reply to this thread and PM me.


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