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14-12-2007 12:57:33

Hello and Welcome To My Thread
I am A project payday Mentor
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Have you tried making money on the web before?

Have you tried making money using those mail at home programs?

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Well this is it. This is not a way to get rich over night but it will make you money. I have a lot of offers and growing. If you start of slow, and take it easy I will be there every step of the way. I offer support with yahoo and AOL messengers. so if you have questions I can answer right away.Wondering how to get paid. well I pay on green to any one who wants to get started or has be doing this for some time. Check out my sights that I'm working on bellow and pm me right away. Act fast money is always good to have and I know you want some.!!!!!

The links bellow are not referral links respond to my post and I will send mburse1977 the link when we set the trade up. Any thing that you do with out setting the trade up you will not get paid for, and it will be wasted offers !!!!!!

Do not pm please respond on the post by clicking the reply button or the quick response.

Before doing offers check out these training videos.

cookie How To set them up and How they work

Doing you first sight

Check out the white and black List from my friend onestepback please read before doing offers it may save your life

Got one no cc sight paying 12 dollars on green trying to get more have to start off some were.

These offers pay 20 dollars on green!!! easy sights for someone new to do.

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Christmas V-bux

This sight pays 65 On green

High rollers v-bux

All of these sights are supper easy and i pay on the green.

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