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[b3d84c17898]THANKS FOR VISITING MY TRADE THREAD!!![/b3d84c17898][/color3d84c17898][/size3d84c17898]

[b3d84c17898]Welcome! I'm so excited to finally be able to say that I am now a "PROJECT PAYDAY MENTOR"! So, Newbies - I'm ready and able to help you in any way possible - let's make some GREEN together )[/b3d84c17898]

[b3d84c17898]Starting in December 2007, I am holding a monthly drawing for a FREE vacation. To enter, you MUST green on one of my sites (green for green trades do not count). Each green you do for me will result in another entry into the drawing for that month. Winners will be notified on or before the 15th of the next month. Please see the vacation details at the bottom of this thread.[/color3d84c17898][/b3d84c17898]

[b3d84c17898]$1500+ possible here!!!!![/size3d84c17898][/b3d84c17898][/color3d84c17898]

Each of the 1 credit sites and TRAINN sites are pretty easy. Please check them out before you agree to green on one BUT DON"T USE THESE LINKS TO SIGN UP! These are just to see the sites, please post here and then PM me so I can set up the trade in the trade manager. Make sure there are offers on the site that you have not completed already! If you need help or have questions - please pm me and ask ) I will help you every step of the way if you need it!!!!

Here are the sites i'm working on - NEWBIES SHOULD START WITH 1 CREDIT OR 1 OFFER SITES - after doing a few easy sites, go ahead and move on to harder ones if you are comfortable.

[b3d84c17898]1 CREDIT SITES -[/b3d84c17898][/color3d84c17898]

"http//www.wishwizzard.com/viewoffers.php - $25 on green

"http//www.cameramonster.net/viewoffers.php - $25 on green

"http//whosaidfreebies.com/viewoffers.php - $25 on green

"http//www.customfreebiez.com/viewoffers.php - $25 on green

"http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php - $25 on green

"http//www.cash.giftorb.com/viewoffers.php - $25 on green

"http//playstation.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php - $27 on green

http//www.freebiemonster.net/viewoffers.php - $25 on green

"http//www.rocketbills.com/?viewoffers.php - $37 on green

http//www.giftcardmonster.net/viewoffers.php - $25 on green

"http//disney.4evergreens.com/offers.php - $25 on green

http//zeropricetags.com/offers.php - $25 on green

http//www.ipodmonster.net/offers.php - $25 on green

http//ipods.clickperks.com - $30 on green

http//homesweethome.myfavefreebies.com - $25 on green

http//cashout.wish4free.com - $25 on green

http//bigcashout.wish4free.com - $37 on green

http//her.fancyfreegifts.com - $50 on green

http//his.fancyfreegifts.com - $25 on green

http//www.tech.thefreebielife.com - $25 on green
offers list - http//www.tech.thefreebielife.com/olist.php

http//www.100.thefreebielife.com - $65 on green
offers list - http//www.100.thefreebielife.com/olist.php

http//www.key2free.com/bigcash - $65 on green

http//www.key2free.com/paypal - $30 on green

http//www.key2free.com/prizes - $30 on green

http//AnyFreePayPal.com - $25 on green

http//anyfreehdtv.com - $25 on green

http//anyfreeapple.com - $25 on green

http//IgottaHaveIt.net - $25 on green

http//50.expressbux.com - $30 on green

http//ipods.mjrewardz.com - $25 on green

http//paypal.mjrewardz.com - $25 on green

http//gaming.mjrewardz.com - $25 on green

http//giftcards.MJRewardz.com - $25 on green

http//laptops.mjrewardz.com - $25 no green

http//tvs.mjrewardz.com - $25 on green

http//www.reallyitsfree.com//index.php - $25 on green

[color=red3d84c17898][b3d84c17898]2 CREDIT SITES -[/b3d84c17898][/color3d84c17898]

http//double.mjrewardz.com - $50 on green

http//100.expressbux.com - $65 on green

[color=red3d84c17898][b3d84c17898]3 CREDIT SITES -[/b3d84c17898][/color3d84c17898]

http//anyfreemacbook.com - $80 on green (3 credit site)

[b3d84c17898][color=red3d84c17898]100% SITES -
http//christmas.v-bux.com - $65 on green!
(offers on this site have a % value - you must rack up 100%)

[color=red3d84c17898][b3d84c17898]1 OFFER SITES -[/b3d84c17898][/color3d84c17898]

TRAINN SITES - require one level A offer or a certain # of points worth of level B offers (varies per site).

www.flashipods4free.com - $30 on green

www.YourFreeVideoiPods.com - $30 on green

offers for TRAINN sites can be seen HERE.

[b3d84c17898][color=red3d84c17898]5 CREDIT SITE -[/color3d84c17898][/b3d84c17898]

http//platinum.wish4free.com - $130 on green

Post a reply here and then PM me if you are interested in Greening on any of these sites! I offer full support to help you green quickly )

I am usually on the site[color=cyan3d84c17898][b3d84c17898] Mon - Sat between 9am - midnight EST[/b3d84c17898].[/color3d84c17898] I check my messages regularly, so I WILL get back to you ASAP!

If you'd rather trade green for green, i am willing to do that too - depending on the site and if I haven't done all of the offers already )

Monthly FREE Vacation Drawing Details -
One of my jobs in the real world is selling vacations, so I have access to great vacations all over the states and in the Bahamas. These vacations include free lodging at the location you choose from my list. You will be responsible for traveling arrangements and taxes (usually $7 - $13 per night) at the hotel or resort. Vacations expire 12 months from the date of issue. THIS IS NOT A TIME SHARE! You are NOT obligated to attend sales meetings or tours. Winners will be notified by pm or email on or before the 15th of the next month. These vacations are transferrable and may be given as gifts.
Locations include

[b3d84c17898][color=darkred3d84c17898]Bahamas - Florida - Aruba - Mexico - Hawaii - Las Vegas - Missouri - Disneyland in Anaheim, CA - Lake Tahoe, NV - Atlantic City, NJ - Reno, NV - Canada.

[size=183d84c17898][/size3d84c17898] 8) D D D D D D


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Ready to help you make some green! PM me for help or if interested in one of my sites ;) D


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