$5 more for traders over 4 TR, Building my rep here,40 @ FLR

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11-12-2007 20:10:24

I am looking for refs on http//www.yourfreeistuff.com (TRAINN).

I will pay anyone on GREEN who would like to do this site (limit 4) but will pay traders here on FIPG with over a TR 4, $30 on green. My TR is only 1 here, but is almost 40 on FLR. So I AM a reliable trader, I just havent done trading here on FIPG.

I would like to build my TR here and I cant green much anymore, so if you can do one of my sites, I will give you a $5 bonus as long as you have over 4 TR here.

Normal payment for those under 4 TR = $25 on green.

I only need 4 more refs to cash out on yourfreeistuff so I would love to finish this one first. I also have many other sites to choose.

http//40.macrobucks.com 1 credit $20 ($25 over 4 TR)
http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com 1 credit $20 ($25 over 4 TR)
Any of the v-bux sites (Sony, Dell, Logitech, Bose and Apple) $30-$50 on green plus bonus for higher TR.
http//videogames.git-r-free.com 1 credit $20 ($25 over 4 TR)

If you can green for me, please pM me or IM me on yahoo messenger snjmom_70 or email= me email=snjmom_70@yahoo.comsnjmom_70@yahoo.com me email=snjmom_70@yahoo.comsnjmom_70@yahoo.com/email


12-12-2007 11:41:46

bump, still looking for 4 traders