**it's Not Rocket Science** -- I Pay More Than Everone Else

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11-12-2007 10:05:31

Hey Guys,

[b67dbee7ba5]I am not going to sugar coat it with a bunch of exclamation points, stupid christmas graphics and colored text.[/b67dbee7ba5] I am just going to list the sites I need people to green for me and how much I will pay. And yes--it is more than everyone else pays--simply because I would rather pay someone 80% of the money I am getting from a site rather than getting none at all. Most people pay 50% or less.

Sites I need and how much I will pay (I am paying out 80% of the money the site will give me)

[b67dbee7ba5]100.expressbux.com - $80
YourNintendoWii4Free - $32
Apple.v-bux.com - $64
60.Macrobucks.com - $48
CashParrot.com - $32
games.wish4free.com - $32
iphone.zipnadazilch.com - $32
ipods.givafree.com - $40
nfl.getstuff4free.org - $40
flashipods4free.com - $40[/b67dbee7ba5]

Do all 10 of them and it's a cool $432 bucks. Reply to my post or PM me if interested and to get my referral links.

Thanks everyone!!!

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12-12-2007 08:40:30

How many credits do I need to get for expressbux if I do that one?


12-12-2007 08:47:06

100.expressbux.com is the only 2-credit site in my portfolio. That said, it is a very easy 2-credit site.


13-12-2007 08:31:01

[b98630d223d]Daily Bump[/b98630d223d]

"Why should you give me your Green Business? Because I pay more than ANYONE else."

If you find someone paying more, I will beat their payout!!!