I want to do Platinum.Wish4Free

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unknown uchiha

08-12-2007 17:23:20

Give me an offer!

I know it's a five-credit site, so I expect triple-digits for it.

My requirements are

-You pay full before I start if you have significantly lower TR than I do. Significantly lower means in the double digits.

-You can pay half upfront, then half once I green if your TR is in the triple digits but lower than mine.

-You can pay after I green if your TR is higher than mine.

Offers? =]

unknown uchiha

11-12-2007 14:41:21



11-12-2007 15:26:03

I'll pay $110. $55 up front.
Let me know


11-12-2007 16:20:47

160 for green, sent u a PM