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07-12-2007 03:15:10

HO HO HO!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Lets make some money for the coming holiday season!

I have great sites, which are ALL repeatable and I am currently paying more then HALF of my profit!!!! Get on this promotion now!!!

I am a project payday mentor and paypal verified! I PAY ON GREEN (unless otherwise noted)!!!

I am here to help anyone and everyone get started on this business, even if its just to ask questions! I offer support, greening instructions and am always around if you need me! Please feel free to PM me ANYTIME!

Below you will find links to the offers page on each of the sites that I am currently working. Go ahead and look them over and if you are interested please post in my thread and send me a PM. I will then send you some information and we can go from there!

My links are

(These 1 credit offers are great newbie sites they are FAST $$$)

These links are my TOP priority in order!!

(No Credit Card sites)

(1 credit) - $10.00

(1 credit) http// - $10.00

(Credit Card Sites)

(1 credit) http// - $40.00

(2 credit) http// - $50.00

(1 credit) - $25.00

(1 credit) - $25.00

(2 credit) http// - $50.00

(1 credit) http// - $25.00

(1 credit) http// - $30.00

(2 credit) http// - $60.00

(1 credit) http// - $25.00

(Trainn Site)

(1 credit) http// - $28.00

Some of my "rules" are

1. PLEASE keep in contact with me!!!! If you are unable to complete a trade due to crediting issues or another form of a delay (or even if you've just decided you dont want to do the trade anymore), CONTACT ME. We all have been there before and perhaps I may be able to help you through the process!

2. You have 3 days to sign up for a site and begin the greening process after the trade has been set up. If you decide to set up a trade and then disappear for more then 7 days without responding to my pm's or contacting me I WILL CANCEL the trade. (this also goes hand in hand with rule # 1, ALWAYS KEEP IN CONTACT) I am very understanding! and VERY egar to help you succeed in this business!!!

3. I ONLY pay to verified PAYPAL accounts!

4. If you go RED I EXPECT a refund!!

I hope to work with you!! Let me know if I can be of any help!