Need some extra cash for Christmas? Lets help each other!

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06-12-2007 15:26:32

First of all I would like to Thank you for taking the time to read my trading thread.[/colore91ac798f7][/sizee91ac798f7]

I have a site that I am paying $45 each on approval.

Because I am just starting out, for right this moment I can only pay on approval.

http// (0/2 Refs done)[/colore91ac798f7]

I have another site but that is also on approval.

http// (0/4 refs done)[/colore91ac798f7]

If you are willing to do both sites I will pay an extra $5. That is a possible $95 D !!! But only for the first two people.[/colore91ac798f7]

Please post here and pm me if you are interested. THANK YOU AGAIN![/sizee91ac798f7][/colore91ac798f7]