Paying $11 for each person that does 1/2 a Credit !

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04-12-2007 12:14:46

I am looking for people to do 1/2 a credit worth of offers and as a thank you I'll pay you $11 on the half a credit is showing do we have a deal if so pm me here is the site .


Ok all here are the sites that I am paying on I will be updating regularly so if you can do a site just send me a Pm of what site you want to do and Iíll be glad to set up the trade all payment will be sent to you by verified Paypal . I have a perfect TR and there are no games . Please make sure you keep in contact with me as well if you say your going to do a site and the site is no confirmed in less than 24hrs then the trade will be cancelled also you are expected to make a fast green meaning please do not take two weeks . I also if you do any two sites below Iíll give you a $5 Bonus D if you do two sites the Iíll give you a $25 Bonus if you do four . Right now the most important sites are thos on top and noncreditcard sites as well . Thanks for looking at my trade thread . If you need help Im available via instant messenger. Sites are in order of preference .

http// $23 on Green 1 Credit

http// $50 on Green Two Credits

http// $25 on Green 1 Credit

http// $21 on Green 1 Credit

http// $20 on Green

http// $18 on Green

http// $6 on Green no credit card

http// $6 on Green 1 Credit

http// $23 1 Credit

http// $7 on green 1 Credit $23 on Green 1 Credit $23 on Green 1 Credit $23 on Green 1 Credit


Free4me Offers Only

Offer List
Offer Credit
12-in-1 1/2 credit
Advantage Language II 1/2 credit 1/2 credit
Book of the Month Club 1/2 credit
Cafe Vivo 1/2 credit
Childrens Book-of-the-Month Little Wonders 1/2 credit
Classic Wine Selections 1/2 credit
Columbia House DVD 1/2 credit
Comcast 1/2 credit
Dermacia 1/2 credit
Diet-To-Go 1 credit
Double Day Book Club 1/2 credit
Duplicate Poker 1 credit
eAuction Tutor 1/2 credit
Ebay 1/2 credit
Five Factor Diet 1 credit
Four Seasons Wine 1 credit 1/2 credit
Globe Juvenile Insurance 1/2 credit
Google Home Business Kit 1/2 credit
How to Make Money on eBay 1/2 credit
Ivory Teeth Whitening 1/2 credit
Jillian Michaels Weight Loss 1 credit
Lasseters Casino 1 credit
Life Lock 1/2 credit
Netflix 1/2 credit
Nutrisystem 1 credit
People PC 1 credit
Poster Pass 1/2 credit
Quality Paperback Books 1/2 credit
RealtyStore 1/2 credit
Rising Star 1/2 credit
Satellite TV For PC 1/2 credit
Shopping Essentials 1/2 credit
South Beach Diet 1 credit
The Good Cook 1/2 credit
The Mystery Guild 1/2 credit
Tickets Now 1/2 credit
Tickle IQ Test 1/2 credit
Video Professor 1 credit 1 credit
Vonage 1 credit 1 credit
Zooba 1/2 credit[/sizeef2953cf8c]

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sandra habina

04-12-2007 18:19:22

I would like some info on prize carnival - that is a new one to me.



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