BigScreens.Git-R-Free ~! $70 on Green :)! Bonuses Available!

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04-12-2007 12:11:04

As the title suggests, I am paying $70 upon a full green on BigScreens.Git-R-Free ~ ! I am both a trader on here and the A4F forums with TR95+ here and TR32+ on A4F. I pay promptly upon green and am very willing to help out anyone that has questions or needs guidance throughout the process =) Keep in mind that the payout for this site is $120 per ref ~

Bonuses are available and are the following
48 hour completion (credited and done within 48 hours of initiation of trade) --> $10 bonus
96 hour completion (meaning within 4 days of initiation of trade)
--> $5 bonus

Also, I have Cash.Hotgifts4you available as a 1 credit site that I am paying $22 upon green.

Bonuses for that site include
24 hour completion --> Bonus $4
48 hour completion --> Bonus $2

If you're interested in either site, send me a pm~