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02-12-2007 11:48:37

Hello Every one

I neen greens for all4one.yourgiftsfree.com. I will pay you $20 as soon as you are green and $45 upon approval and if you green within 1 day I will pay you $65 upon approval.
Now thats a great deal! Ive been away for a while from the freebie game and now Im back. You can check out my profile and see that I am a very experienced trader and I love to pay super fast,

On top of the great payout that im offering i will also be sending you via email over $200 worth of ebooks and training courses on how to make money on the net. No these are not the garbage ebooks that you can get for free! these are all up to date ebooks and course that you will also have the resale rights to also. So PM me and let me know if you are intrested.

By the way it should only cost you $4 to complete the site so if you go green in one day you are walking away with $71 cash and $200 worth of e courses. Also if you green in one day i will also send you my phone # so you can ask me anything about the freebe game or affiliate marketing(live coaching). so get back to me and let me know.


02-12-2007 11:57:30

I can do it. PM me.


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04-12-2007 16:21:43