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01-12-2007 05:19:02

[b7941bcf1dc]PAYING $25.00 [/color7941bcf1dc]FOR GREENS [/color7941bcf1dc]ON THESE TRAINN SITES.


WILL PAY $30.00 [/color7941bcf1dc]IF YOU CAN GREEN[/color7941bcf1dc] ON EITHER SITE WITHIN 24 HOURS.[/b7941bcf1dc]

[b7941bcf1dc]WILL PAY $65.00 [/color7941bcf1dc]IF YOU CAN GREEN[/color7941bcf1dc] ON BOTH SITES WITHIN 24 HOURS.[/b7941bcf1dc]


GO GREEN[/color7941bcf1dc] ON EITHER SITE WITHIN 24 HOURS AND GET A $5.00 [/color7941bcf1dc]BONUS.[/b7941bcf1dc]

[b7941bcf1dc]DESKTOPCOMPUTERS4FREE[/color7941bcf1dc]. $22.00[/color7941bcf1dc]
DVDRECORDERS4FREE[/color7941bcf1dc]. $20.00[/color7941bcf1dc][/b7941bcf1dc]

[b7941bcf1dc]IF INTERESTED, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST BEFORE PM'ING ME [/b7941bcf1dc].[/color7941bcf1dc][/size7941bcf1dc]


[i7941bcf1dc][b7941bcf1dc]PLEASE READ BEFORE AGREEING TO TRADE[/size7941bcf1dc][/b7941bcf1dc][/i7941bcf1dc][/color7941bcf1dc]

[b7941bcf1dc]Confirmation of any trade will be considered verification that these guidelines have been read and the terms accepted.[/b7941bcf1dc]

[b7941bcf1dc]If you are TR4+, I will pay on each of these sites when green.
If your TR is 4 or less, same deal, only you will have to wait for approval.
However if the wait for approval is unreasonable and I can verify your green, I will pay you.

I pay promptly, but I pay only to verified paypal accounts.

I trade by FiPG trading rules and trade ONLY[/color7941bcf1dc] via The Trade Module.
Please do not initiate trade unless you plan to follow through and complete the offers in a timely manner.

If you are brokering a trade and have not informed me before the trade, or acting suspiciously, I will withhold payment until approved.

When trading, I expect you to

1. Confirm the trade and sign up on the site within 24 hours. If this is not done, I will delete the trade.

2. Enter you sign up e-mail and paypal e-mail in the trade module

3. Maintain communication and enter status in trade module (eg. "gone yellow", "Offer Completed", etc.)

4. Complete offer and go green within 7 days. If this is not done, I will delete the trade.

It is a matter of both courtesy and standard practice in this business for you to let me know if you are unable to green on a site you have signed up on. If you can't go green on a site, just let me know, and most of the time I will probably be able to work with you.

Please PM me if interested.

Newbies, if you have any questions, just ask and I will help.