Instant Pay--$35

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01-12-2007 02:30:10

Hi, I just need one more person to complete an offer for me at http//

Just complete 1 credit and I will pay you $35 via PayPal.

1. post a reply using the quick reply box at the very bottom, saying that you are interested in a trade
That way I will know that you are.

2. Also send me a personal message telling me you want
to work on my sites, just incase i miss your first notice hereli

3. Once you have met the offer requirements, I may need a quick verification that you are 'green' by sending me a pm instead.

4. After we are clear that you are green, I will send you your payment the SAME day via PayPal!
No waiting for week or month long approvals

Also open to referral for referral. ) Thanks!