Paying cash for green on EASY and REPEATABLE sites!!

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30-11-2007 22:44:37

Hello everyone, how are you guys?

I'll be honest, I don't have much experience with the freebie world yet. But I have worked with a couple of people so far and it worked out great. I'm ready to take the plunge again. Yes, I am new, but have been into it all for a little while now, so I know a few things. I'm also in serious need of money. I am green already on a few websites, and I am available on AIM and on MSN messenger all the time (except when I sleep!) so if you are interested in working with me, and help a (not too) newb out, send me a PM, or respond here. It would mean so much to me, like I said.. I REALLY need this right now. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I managed to get green on a few websites

[beec8f68bdf]I am experienced enough to help some new people to sign up for some of these following sites. I like to help people out as much as I can and am very patient. So without further ado... [/beec8f68bdf][/coloreec8f68bdf]

in order of priority

[beec8f68bdf]lililili 60.macrobucks (1 credit, also easy, 1 ref cashout!)[/beec8f68bdf] [ieec8f68bdf]paying [beec8f68bdf]25$[/beec8f68bdf] for green and [beec8f68bdf]30$[/beec8f68bdf] if green within 24 hours.[/coloreec8f68bdf][/sizeeec8f68bdf][/ieec8f68bdf]
[beec8f68bdf]lilili apple.vbux (1 ref cashout)[/beec8f68bdf] [ieec8f68bdf]paying [beec8f68bdf]35 bucks [/beec8f68bdf]for green and [beec8f68bdf]40$ [/beec8f68bdf]if within 24 hours. [/coloreec8f68bdf][/sizeeec8f68bdf][/ieec8f68bdf]
[beec8f68bdf]lili bose.vbux (1 ref cashout) [/beec8f68bdf] [ieec8f68bdf]also paying[beec8f68bdf] 35 bucks[/beec8f68bdf] for green and[beec8f68bdf] 40$[/beec8f68bdf] if you go green within 24 hours.[/coloreec8f68bdf][/sizeeec8f68bdf][/ieec8f68bdf]
[beec8f68bdf]li (trainn easy 1 credit) [/beec8f68bdf] [ieec8f68bdf]and paying [beec8f68bdf]25$[/beec8f68bdf] for green or [beec8f68bdf]30$[/beec8f68bdf] for green in 24 hours.[/coloreec8f68bdf][/sizeeec8f68bdf][/ieec8f68bdf]

I have many others pending... but PM me if you can do any of these sites (or others), so we can work something out )

Remember.... YOU were a newbie once too, in need.

Peace to you all.

sandra habina

01-12-2007 01:21:31

Welcome dear. PM sent about a site.


01-12-2007 22:26:03

Le bump.


08-12-2007 11:55:50