Looking for FULL-CREDIT webhosting offer

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29-11-2007 07:42:11

[bf3739977dc]I'd like to trade greens, but if the price is right, I might be willing to do a cash trade.

Either way - the site MUST have an offer for webhosting that's worth full credit.

PM me.[/bf3739977dc][/sizef3739977dc][/colorf3739977dc]


29-11-2007 07:46:03

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29-11-2007 07:49:58



29-11-2007 08:27:12

[quote68e15a1231="chippy69"][b68e15a1231][u68e15a1231]YOU'RE ALL WELCOME TO MY PAYPAL! [/u68e15a1231][/color68e15a1231][/size68e15a1231][/b68e15a1231][/quote68e15a1231]

1. Do not hijack someone else's trading topic with your own trading post. Respond to the OP's trade request if you have a legitimate response, otherwise keep your trade begging in your own thread.

2. The crazy, shouting font formatting is quite annoying.

3. You have a reflink in your sig. Remove it ASAP and read up on the forum rules before posting again.

I'm editing your post. If you have a legit response to the OP, feel free to post it.