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27-11-2007 17:49:39

I'm offering to pay $15 for you to sign up to FREEDOM.WS but only if you stay a member after the 7 day trial.
The access code to see the video on the site is [b037b677ec8]seaners23[/b037b677ec8].

You may earn an additional $1 if you get another person to sign under yourself.
You earn triple if the person(s) stays as a member after the trial.

After the 7 day trial it costs $10 per month.

You get your own WebSite, domain, e-mail, ect.
Freedom.ws pays you $1 for every person that signs up under you and anyone that signs up under that person, and under the next person... all the way down to a 5th level if they stay a member. (Can go down infinitely if you meet their requirements).
I'm paying you as well.
Freedom.ws also has contests to make more money. https//www.website.ws/kvmlm2/contests.dhtml[]https//www.website.ws/kvmlm2/contests.dhtml
Once you get enough people under you, they can do all the work. -)

PM or message me on aim for more details/questions.

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28-11-2007 15:46:07