I need a ps3!!!! Will pay on green for giftmonkey! 15 a pt.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=71633


26-11-2007 21:31:40

[bfaa100733c][ifaa100733c]Let me see your sites! I have limited amounts of offers I can complete unless there are some fairly new ones! I will look at all sites paying over 30![/sizefaa100733c][/colorfaa100733c][/ifaa100733c][/bfaa100733c]

[bfaa100733c][ifaa100733c]I am also paying for greens to Giftmonkey...
15 per point!

15 a point is great if you think about it! Most sites make you do three offers to get one credit! On giftmonkey do one one credit offer and I will pay you 15 for each! Do 3 and that is 45![/sizefaa100733c][/ifaa100733c][/bfaa100733c][/colorfaa100733c]


26-11-2007 21:42:45

pm sent


26-11-2007 22:41:40

PM sent!


26-11-2007 22:47:18

pm sent!