Zero Price Tags 1 Credit Blowout ! $22

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25-11-2007 05:19:42

Hello Everyone I am paying a Huge $22 on Green forZeropricetags on Green Not on Approval so as soon as you green send me a PM and I'l send your loot . Most greens are instant with this site . Its the fastest crediting that I have seen . If your interested please send me a PM and ask me out my other sites . This special is only going on for the next 24hrs so act fast and act now please dont forget to send me your paypal email as well or enter it when we set up the Trade. lets get started now ! I will be at church this morning so if send me a PM I will answer it in a few hours to setup the Trade and you started to making money . Newbies this site is friendly and crediting is great . [/size2ae7298d77]


25-11-2007 07:45:35

sending a pm