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Baby Boy

25-11-2007 02:49:41

I am seeking a few site's to complete, first starting with the new site I just joined. I am willing to pay $10 upon GREEN! If you go green, you must refund the money within' 24 hours. In short, if you go red, you must follow the Red=Refund rule! - $10

That is it for right now, if your interested send me a PM.

Big War Bird

25-11-2007 03:34:45

You aren't going to get very far with a payout like that. Please read my guide on how to make money here and get started on the right foot.

Baby Boy

25-11-2007 13:43:35

^^ Honestly I'm a bit low on money and they have so many offers, all you would have to do is a DotSchools offer and a cheap $1-$5 trial and your set to go. Not many hard offers so why offer anything higher then $10.00 ... now something like TRAINN I could see $10+ or something like Git-R-Free cause many offers require a little more for a trial offer.

Just my personal input...


25-11-2007 14:01:42

Are you the same "Baby Boy" from A4F?

Baby Boy

25-11-2007 19:58:45

^^ Yes, but unfortunately the moderators wanted to act childish. I'm sure one will see this here and continue their attempt to anger me, but one thing that gets me is the moderator named "Schizerbone" called my mom a bitch... that's not moderator like and as I told them and I stand by my answer, if I ever see them on the streets I will beat the helili out of them personally myself.

newborn wasn't as bad as schizerbone, but she also had an attitude and wasn't necessarily considered moderator material because of her sarcasm and he drive to want to embarass somebody yet couldn't deal with insult back.

In the end, I gave up on my A4F account and was banned because of 3 uncomplete offer's. One lady by the name of Leah I have no way of contacting but the other 2 (penz0 and Kurama) ... I am determined to finish my end of the offer. They may not think so, but I plan to and I won't take "No nevermind" for a response.

Anyway, I've decided that to prove my legitimacy, I am willing to pay other's [bcb70b683df][ucb70b683df]first before completing my site[/bcb70b683df][/ucb70b683df], assuming they have a Verified PayPal and at least a Trade Record of 5.