Earn $30 on green 1 credit easy free and 1$ trials

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23-11-2007 14:29:32

Welcome to my Trade Thread![/color39d9087503]

Im here to complete few sites and I need your help.I offer full support to newbies.The network I work with is wish4free.com and they offer great support and a variety selection of offers.The site greens[/color39d9087503] very quick and once your [/color39d9087503]green[/color39d9087503],You get payed.I will asure my reffarls [/color39d9087503]green[/color39d9087503] and pay top dollars.Newbies can[/color39d9087503] green[/color39d9087503] easily with the 1$ offers[/color39d9087503].[/size39d9087503]

+BONUS[/color39d9087503][/size39d9087503] A $10 Bonus for completing 3 of my sites.[/color39d9087503]

Let me cover some of the benefits with working with me.[/color39d9087503]

[b39d9087503]- Newbie Friendly
- I pay on green
- Will work and help you with all my power.
-$30$ on green for easy sites
- A $10 bonus for completing 3 sites[/color39d9087503]

[b39d9087503]Here are the sites and prices I am offering[/color39d9087503][/b39d9087503]

$30/1 Credit - http//paypal.wish4free.com[]http//paypal.wish4free.com
$30/1 Credit - http//gadgets.wish4free.com[]http//gadgets.wish4free.com
$30/1 Credit - http//games.wish4free.com[]http//games.wish4free.com
$30/1 Credit - http//giftcards.wish4free.com[]http//giftcards.wish4free.com
$60/2 Credit's - http//bigpaypal.wish4free.com[]http//bigpaypal.wish4free.com
$150/5 Credit's - http//platinum.wish4free.com[]http//platinum.wish4free.com

[b39d9087503]If you would like to contact me you can send me a PM
you can contact me on AIM.We can set up a trade either way.[/b39d9087503][/color39d9087503]

http//i17.tinypic.com/4q4miqe.gif[" alt=""/img39d9087503] - aust411x

[color=darkblue39d9087503][b39d9087503]Thanks for taking the time to view my thread and hopefully you will make the rite choice and trade with me.[/b39d9087503][/color39d9087503] roll

[size=1539d9087503][b39d9087503]Happy Trading![/b39d9087503][/size39d9087503]

lol D


24-11-2007 16:30:54