What's the going rate to sign up for a no-cc site?

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23-11-2007 06:35:23

If I decided to offer paypal for someone to sign up for a site that is 100% no-cc, what is the going rate for that? $10? $15?

If anyone wants to make a few bucks, send over a message.

I only have a 1 TR, so in most cases i'd need to pay first (I have no problem with that). There is one problem, I am at work and the company filtering system blocks paypal. If anything, i'd like to find a few of people now while I am at work and then send out the PayPal and link later today.




23-11-2007 11:43:37

The "going rate" all depends on how much the site pays per referral. Most people say 50%. Personally, I think that's bogus. I pay way more than that. Be very careful about paying cash upfront. That's the easiest way to get ripped off.


23-11-2007 11:56:21

it's actually for the promotion on the givafree site. so there's no way to determine how much the site is paying per referral.

i don't have a problem paying upfront since those are the rules set up by the site. if someone wants to take my $15 and split, that's on them. it won't be long before they are eventually banned from the site for scamming enough people.



23-11-2007 14:10:33



23-11-2007 17:21:52

pm me with any sites you may have and we can go from there