AllYours4Free is ready to ROCK! R U? Everyone welcome

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21-11-2007 18:17:25

AllYours4Free is ready to ROCK!! Be one of the first to green on my new site. Everyone is welcome! Easy to do, and help offered when and if needed. If interested PM me asap and you'll be in the green in no time. Please read the trading rules below. I'm ready to rock if you are!! Help me launch this site and be one of the first few greens )


Trading Rules
1. Must sign up with 24 hours of receiving referral link
2. Must be Paypal verified
3. Must complete offers within 1 week, but communication is a MUST after 48 hours.
4. If you turn red, re-payment of fee is expected

Look forward to hearing from you!


23-11-2007 17:49:49

BUMP please


23-11-2007 21:23:16

no offense, but that's a really jankedy-looking site


23-11-2007 22:03:32

And all offers are 1/3 of a credit? Even hosting? and Amazon Diet? LOL, WTF!!!


24-11-2007 11:15:00

Thanks for comments. Since it's just being launched, it does have a few things to do to dress it up. As for the offers, the script is set up differently than other sites, so I'm about to put sections in for appropriate value offers. I'll just have to do manual crediting. But thanks for your thoughts.