Honest, Patient Trader, Let Me Pay For Your Christmas!

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by to check me out. I am a trusted trader on FLR with a TR of 56+ and a TR of 9 on RS.

Rest assured, I know what I'm doing, and I do it well!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I would love the opportunity to help you buy those presents!

I know you're probably feeling pretty overwhelmed with this whole concept, don't worry, we all did at one point. It will pass as soon as you see the money come rolling in, trust me!

I am here to answer any and all questions you may have, as well as hold your hand through the entire process. I offer training and full support by your choice of AIM, YIM, phone, or PM.

I'm not going to make you promises of millions overnight, but I will promise you that I will help you make enough money to be able to pay of some of your bills, get out of the hole, have some extra cash for Christmas, or whatever else brought you here.

I have several sites I can offer you, but I'm going to offer the ones I think are the best, and that were the easiest for me when I was where you are now!

Starting November 10, 2007, I am holding a raffle for a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card! Go green for me between now and December 19th and earn an entry into this raffle! For each site you green on, you get another entry! I will announce the winner December 19th at 800 P.M. EST and will ship the card immediately.

Raffle Entrants
1. victoriasparda
2. flappydolphns
3. highly_hostyle
4. vitto75
5. blitzmom
6. ibecrabbee

Hurry up and get your name listed here!!!

I offer bonuses for completing more than 1 site for me, and pay you OVER half of what I'm making with you as my referral! Since you are the one doing the most work, I believe you deserve this!

$ $
liliDo 2 sites, get a $3 bonuslili
liliDo 3 sites, get a $5 bonuslili
liliDo 4 or more, get a $7 bonuslili

I offer these bonuses as extra incentives. If you choose to work with me on a regular basis, you can earn an unlimited amount of money! I pay instantly on green, and will help you every stop of the way. You can respond here, IM me on YIM or AIM, or send me a Private Message.

Trainn Sites
These sites require you to complete 1 Offer from the "A" list, or acquire 50 Points from the "B" list! How Easy Is that?

liMust Have For Newbies!li liYourPS34Free - Complete 1 offer from the A list, Get $23
liMust Have For Newbies!li liYourFreeFlatscreen - Complete 1 offer from the A list, Get $23

Easy 1 Credit Sites!!!
These sites have SEVERAL Free and $1 trial Offers, and are repeatable, and Forever Green! This is a Win-Win situation for you!

liMust Have For Newbies!li li25.AnyDollarDeal - 1 Offer = Credit Site $13 on green

liMust Have For Newbies!li liPaintball.123StuffForFree - 1 Credit Site $18 on green

liMust Have For Newbies!li liZeroPriceTags - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liMust Have For Newbies!li liCameraMonster - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liMust Have For Newbies!li liCashRewards.Git-R-Free - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liIgottaHaveIt - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liCashParrot - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

li40.PrizeOasis - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liGottaBeVIP - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liPaypal.GetStuff4Free - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liFastFood.OrderGiftsFree - 1 Credit Site $22 on green

liGiftCards.Key2Free - 1 Credit Site $23 on green

liFreebies4me - 1 Credit Site $38 on green

1.5 Credit Site

liBonus.Zeropricetags - 1.5 Credit Site $32 on green

2 Credit Site

liBeaches.4EverGreens - 2 Credit Site $42 on green

100% Sites

liBose.V-bux - Get 100% Credit $42 on green

liDell.V-bux - Get 100% Credit $54 on green

No Credit Card Sites

- Get just half .50 a Credit! $10 on green

- Get just .25 Credits! $6 on green

Always4Free $5 Per Point

liNot for the faint at heart!li You get $120 For this 5 Credit Site...Do you have what it takes
liPlatinum.Wish4Free $120 on green.


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