$8 for 8 offers no cc!!!

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21-11-2007 04:24:57

Everything is all on 1 page. Just fill out 8 quick 30 second forms. They're very easy to do and I'm paying $8 to your paypal. Skip the callwave offer because the link is currently broken. After you have finished, just email= me at email=getpaiddaily21@gmail.comgetpaiddaily21@gmail.com me at email=getpaiddaily21@gmail.comgetpaiddaily21@gmail.com/email. Be sure to include your paypal address and the time you filled it out so I know where to send your money. Expect to be paid within 24 hours (48 hours max). This is for US residents only and you will not get paid if you provide fraudulent information!!! As a bonus I'll send you a link where you can continually make money in less than 24 hours!!! Have a nice day! D

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