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18-11-2007 15:25:15

hi im new to this whole thing(just fount out about it a day or so ago) im looking for work with somone who iis patient as this is my first time
i have paypal and i have read the faq(edit)just realized that Paypal verification is a big deal going through the process so i wont do ant more trading until im verified. thank you and sorry for any inconvenience


18-11-2007 16:15:20

Some easy sites sent to you.


18-11-2007 16:43:39

Hey Lamace I sent you a PM let me know which sites you can do and if you need some help .


18-11-2007 17:46:43

pm sent

sandra habina

18-11-2007 17:48:41

I would love to help you get started making money and building up your TR status. I am very patient and love to help new traders.


18-11-2007 18:25:14

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

$25 - http// - 1 credit - 6 refs

$ 25 - http// - 1 credit - 10 refs

$25 - http// - 1 credit - 10 refs

Instant payment on green.[/sizecf5462658f][/colorcf5462658f]

I will be available on aim babetran84[/colorcf5462658f] or yahoo lil_babieblue420[/colorcf5462658f] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youíre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Iím willing to help!



18-11-2007 19:41:05

Wanna make some fast cash? PM me and lets trade!
pay on green and/or approval. Make $50 EZ site!!!!!!!!!!!

$50 all for one.yourgiftsfree on approval $40 on green
$40 bose.v-bux
$25 cash.hotgifts4you
$30 rocketbills
$25 50.anydollardeal

and more..........................................
paypal verified
have worked with many experienced traders and can help you make money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris m stanaford


18-11-2007 20:21:06

I sent you a pm. Welcome to the Freebie world! )


18-11-2007 21:22:51

PM sent


19-11-2007 05:44:02



19-11-2007 05:47:27

[quote61db09ba80="lamace"]hi im new to this whole thing(just fount out about it a day or so ago) im looking for work with somone who iis patient as this is my first time
i have paypal and i hav read the faq[/quote61db09ba80]


pm'd you with some ez sites you maybe interested in.



19-11-2007 15:50:36

Hi and Welcome!
I need several easy sites. I'll PM you with details from my thread below.


19-11-2007 17:20:21

Hello and welcome I am going to send some info in a pm to you...


11-12-2007 12:05:54

pm sent


11-12-2007 16:19:44

) Welcome to the site I have good news for you! You're here to make and so am I. I am putting together a couple of good offers to help us out in our journey. If your interest PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP!


11-12-2007 17:56:49

Check out the following sites~New Ones Just Added!

PM me if interested!

Top priority sites today are junkfood.F4E1, cash.F4E1, tailgating.4evergreens and youripodtouch4free!!

Check out the following sites

http// (0/6) $40

http// $50 (0/2)

http// $35

http// $40

http// $40 for 2 credit site (0/10)

http// $25 (2/7)

http// $20

http// $20 (0/3)

http// $25

http// $25 (0/7)

http// $20 (0/6)

http// $20 (0/15)

http// $20

http// 4 credits $90

http// $25 (2)

http// $20 (0/3)


http// $25 (2/3)

http// $25

http// $8 (super easy-5 minutes at most)

(2 more)

http// $8 (super easy-5 minutes at most) (1


I will pay as soon as you go green and will help in any way that I can!! I will be available to answer any questions and can send you detailed instructions to assure that you get credited.

Make ALOT today!!!! Extra money for holiday shopping!

PM me if you are interested and/or initiate a trade!

Please give karma if I've been nice! I love karma!

Thank you,