Get an Iphone just for going green on 1 Site!! 58+ FLR TR

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18-11-2007 13:40:40

The leaves are falling, the weather is getting colder... this can mean only one thing... Its Christmas Time!!!

With Christmas comes much family love, warm hot chocolate, and tons and tons of presents. Why just spend Christmas with your family when you could spend it with all of us? I guess I have caught the giving spirit or something, but I am just inspired to give back. So that is why I am running this contest.

What Is the Contest?

li You choose a website (or websites) to go green for me on
li You go green for however many sites you want
li You get paid the shown amount for that site
li For each site you do for me you get 1 entry to the contest
li One week before christmas, a winner will be chosen, but will not be announced
li On December 24th, if you have won, you will find the given prize in your mailbox

Now you may be asking, how can we trust you? First off, im sad that this business has come to this because of all the fraud, but secondly, I have 54 Positive TR. Which means I have completed over 54 trades successfully and paid over 54 different people. In total my shipped amount, to users like you, is well over $1000. This business has changed my life, and I want it to change yours.

What Sites Can You do for Me?> 1 entry to contest and $20
Really cool site, all full credit or 1/2 credit offers. Easy to green and reliable.> 1 entry to contest and $30
Really easy 2 credit site that only requires 2 offers to be done. So its basicly like a 1 credit site except you get paid more.> 1 entry to contest and $20
Its a trainn site. it speaks for itself. 1 offer to be fully green, great crediting.> 1 entry to the contest and $25
Up and coming site with lots of good and cheap offers.> 1 entry to contest and $22
Very reliable site with many cheap offers.> 1 entry to contest and $25
Awesome site that pays really fast, and crediting is very reliable> 1 entry to contest and $25
Site that pays when you get partial credits. Lots of offers to choose from.> 1/2 Entry to contest
No cc site that you only have to do one offer to be green!! Do with the next site for 1 entry to contest!> 1/2 Entry to contest
No cc site where you could win a HDTV, PS3, and Surround sound system for xmas!!

What Are the Prizes I can Choose From?

1st Level Prizes Must have 35 Entries to the Contest

Nintendo Wii (may or may not be available)
Iphone 4 GB
Ipod Touch 8 GB
Ipod Nano 8 GB + $25 iTunes Giftcard
$300 Apple Giftcard
$300 WalMart Giftcard
$300 paypal

2nd Level Prizes Must have 25 Entries to the Contest

Microsoft Zune 30 GB
Sony PSP
3 Games for Any Console
$200 Apple Giftcard
$200 WalMart Giftcard
$200 Paypal

3rd Level Prizes Must have 15 Entries to the Contest

Ipod Shuffle 1 GB
2 Games for any console
Any 2 accessories for any console (must be under $100)
$100 Apple Giftcard
$100 Walmart Giftcard
$100 Paypal

Now let me explain this system... to reach the first level, 15 people must go green for me, or people can do multiple sites, getting more entries. To go to the next level, there needs to be that many entries. So if 18 people do 1 site for me whoever wins the contest will get a prize from the 3rd level. If 37 people do 1 site for me the winner will get a prize from the first level. If 18 people do 2 sites for me the winner will get a prize from the first level, and so on and so forth. if you have any questions i can explain it better over AIM, YIM, or PM.

Just to recap, you do a site for me, you get the money next to the site and an entry to the contest for each site you do. One week before Christmas the number of people who did a site for me will be counted and I will announce what level prize i will be shipping. I will then randomly select a winner, but will not announce it. 3 days before Christmas I will contact the winner and ask them what prize they would like to select. Then 2 days before christmas i will overnight your gift to you, and it will arrive on December 24th for you to enjoy. I would then ask for you to post a picture of your awesome prize so that everyone else can see and enter my next contest.

The game is simple, but the prize is real. And it could be yours. If you would like to start off the right way you need to contact me, a veteran trader with 54 positive feedback on FLR and 2 here on fipg. I also enjoy mentoring FLR members so that you too can be as successful as me. All you have to do is contact me on here via pm or post in this thread or contact me on AIM (greenshoes1249 ) or YIM (eman12190 ).


18-11-2007 13:58:19

Do you have any entries yet?


18-11-2007 14:17:07

yes we have 5 entries from FLR


18-11-2007 17:48:12

anyone interested?


19-11-2007 15:47:22

bump it on up


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bump it up


20-11-2007 13:54:55

anyone interested? send me a pm or AIM me at greenshoes1249


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21-11-2007 09:01:04

You say you have 54 TR but on here you only have 3. Do yo uhave 51 over on FLR?


21-11-2007 10:38:18

[quote95028c91e1="jeagle82"]You say you have 54 TR but on here you only have 3. Do yo uhave 51 over on FLR?[/quote95028c91e1]

no i have 55 on FLR and 3 on here. my FLR username is the same as over here, HighRollin


21-11-2007 15:08:00

anyone getting anything this black friday?


23-11-2007 18:32:54