Do one non cc offer for me and get $8 + a chance to many gif

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18-11-2007 10:28:09

This thread does not have any special colors or any out of the world promises, just $$$.

First off I am paying $7 for promotion.givafree. If you sign up and complete one offer you get one ticket into the drawing.
If you haver any questions ask!
I am offering $7 for the poorfolk.gitrfree site. This Is a Non CC site!!! If you are interested contact me and Ill get back to you. Good Luck!!!
Payment is instant!!!!

Please lemme know if you need anything!!!
I will train you if it is needed.


27-11-2007 20:26:56

Hey I want to check out the offers. Send me a link to the offers so I can see what they have. Thanks.