Fast, easy sites...I did all for free!

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16-11-2007 19:51:26

Hi there,
Here's what I'm offering
http// Easy 1 credit site $20[/colora451eb13d0]
http// Easy 2 credit site $40[/colora451eb13d0]
http// Easy nocc site-need 25 credits, but I did two offers that were each 10 credits and one for 5 credits $10[/colora451eb13d0]

I will pay you immediately after I receive payment for your green!![/colora451eb13d0]

I have gone green at all 3 of these sites without spending a dime! I have had to use my credit card, but it was free.

If interested in any of these, PM me.

Let me know if you need any help on how to keep track of your trial offers that need to be canceled, open trades, completed trades, etc.!



16-11-2007 20:03:50

I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but if you want to trade with 0 TR here, you might have better luck if you follow the TR rules. That being, the person with the lowest TR goes first.

Good luck though D