~~~~~~~~Paying 3 dollars for 1 offer on no-cc site~~~~~~~~~~

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16-11-2007 13:33:19

Hi I'm not a noob I just use another forum and I am paying 3 dollars per ref for a green at promotion.givafree. You only need to complete 1 no-cc offer to green. They are holding a contest where they are raffling off 2500 dollars worth of prize pm me for the link or click the picture below

http/" alt=""/img152.imageshack.us/img="152/2585/christmasbagld9.jpg[" alt=""/img22fdf45411][=http//www.promotion.givafree.com/index.php?ref=debo012004][img="22fdf45411]http/" alt=""/img152.imageshack.us/img="152/2585/christmasbagld9.jpg[" alt=""/img22fdf45411][/url]