Would 85% of my pay be good on 100.prizeoasis....?

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14-11-2007 16:07:52

[bfcd4a940ee]Hi , how ya doing? I have a couple of sites that I am working on and if you want to make some quick and easy money then let me know you want to do them. [/colorfcd4a940ee][/bfcd4a940ee]

Right now the site 100.prizeoasis [/bfcd4a940ee]is have a [bfcd4a940ee]give away[/bfcd4a940ee], they have[bfcd4a940ee] 4 ipods [/bfcd4a940ee]that go to the people who cash out real soon.[bfcd4a940ee] I need 2 refs[/bfcd4a940ee] to do this 2 credit site. I am willing to pay [bfcd4a940ee]$80 on approval [/colorfcd4a940ee][/bfcd4a940ee]but if you green in 24 hours I'll add $5 to that total.[/colorfcd4a940ee][/sizefcd4a940ee] [bfcd4a940ee]Thats 85% of my pay![/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]THIS IS AS EASY AS IT'S GOING TO GET![/bfcd4a940ee]

My sites [bfcd4a940ee] I will pay[/bfcd4a940ee] $8 on[/colorfcd4a940ee] green[/colorfcd4a940ee][bfcd4a940ee] for each No CC site.[/bfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]No CC sites[/bfcd4a940ee]



[bfcd4a940ee] Others[/bfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]platinum.wish4free.com [/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee]- $100 on approval [/colorfcd4a940ee]-[bfcd4a940ee] I need 1 REF[/bfcd4a940ee]. - [bfcd4a940ee]Cashout with just 1 REF[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee]. and its [bfcd4a940ee]REPEATABLE[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee] - 5 credit site[/colorfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]paypal.mjrewardz.com[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee] - $20 on[/colorfcd4a940ee] [bfcd4a940ee]Green[/bfcd4a940ee] [/colorfcd4a940ee]- [bfcd4a940ee]need 1 Ref[/bfcd4a940ee]. - Repeatable[/colorfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]Computers.ordergiftsfree.com[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee]- $75 on approval [/colorfcd4a940ee]- [bfcd4a940ee]only need 2 Refs [/bfcd4a940ee]- 3 credit site.[/colorfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee] Laptops.macrobucks.com [/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee]- $75 on approval [/colorfcd4a940ee]- [bfcd4a940ee]need 3 Refs [/bfcd4a940ee]- 3 credit site[/colorfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]www.cash.zeropricetags.com[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee] - $20 on approval[/colorfcd4a940ee] [bfcd4a940ee]- need 3 refs[/bfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]Plasmas.gottabevip.com[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee] - $50 on approval[/colorfcd4a940ee] - [bfcd4a940ee]need 3 refs[/bfcd4a940ee] - 2 credit site[/colorfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]Apple.gottabevip.com[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee] - $25 on approval[/colorfcd4a940ee] - [bfcd4a940ee]need 6 refs[/bfcd4a940ee]

[bfcd4a940ee]100.expressbux.com[/bfcd4a940ee][/colorfcd4a940ee] - $60 on approval [/colorfcd4a940ee]- [bfcd4a940ee]need 1 Ref [/bfcd4a940ee]- 2 credit site [/colorfcd4a940ee]- [ufcd4a940ee][bfcd4a940ee]Repeatable and you only need 1 Ref to cashout![/bfcd4a940ee][/ufcd4a940ee]

Are you willing to help me? If so just "pm" me. Thanks a head of time wink

ASk for my link.[bfcd4a940ee][/bfcd4a940ee]


14-11-2007 16:36:26

Just a friendly FYI..... you can't have your ref links in your posts! ONLY the site you are working on!


14-11-2007 17:16:46

Thanks , I fixed it.


16-11-2007 14:43:19

Can anyone do any of these sites?


17-11-2007 12:30:38

All sites are REAL Easy!


18-11-2007 11:51:23

Can anyone Green on Cash.zeropricetags for me. I'll pay $20 on approval. I need help finishing this site. I only need 5 more Refs. Help!


19-11-2007 08:13:09



20-11-2007 13:24:40

Cash.zeropricetags.com - AnYOne?

Somebody please help me out here.


21-11-2007 19:41:16



22-11-2007 19:55:03

How about you do the Cash.F4E1 site for me.


23-11-2007 13:56:57

[bfe3c9489a5]Pump[/bfe3c9489a5][/colorfe3c9489a5][bfe3c9489a5] me [/colorfe3c9489a5]UP![/colorfe3c9489a5][/bfe3c9489a5]


24-11-2007 08:26:30

D [b31fb5ac468]Just added 2 new sites to my thread [/b31fb5ac468]


25-11-2007 10:29:53

[b7e397e919f]I only need 2 and 3 refs on some real good sites.[/b7e397e919f]

Help ME![/color7e397e919f][/size7e397e919f]


26-11-2007 07:54:50

[b22b4bcdc54]Will anyone do 100.expressbux.com for me? I will pay $60 and you only need 1 Ref to cashout. Good Deal.[/b22b4bcdc54][/size22b4bcdc54] D


27-11-2007 09:39:01

[b6cd0b8b184]I'm still looking for that Ref. can anyone help me out?[/b6cd0b8b184]


28-11-2007 12:36:31

I can still use a REF. on [b56b1c3366e]100.expressbux[/b56b1c3366e][/color56b1c3366e] and [b56b1c3366e]paypal.mjrewardz.com[/b56b1c3366e][/color56b1c3366e]



29-11-2007 10:51:08

Nice day to you!


30-11-2007 09:07:28

I have a new site that I'm working on and it is

[b4911d4584d]platinum.wish4free.com [/b4911d4584d]- $100 on approval[/color4911d4584d]- I need 1 ref.[/color4911d4584d]

I pay on approval but I only need one ref so you will be getting paid real soon. The site is a 5 credit site so its a little harder than others. Pm me if ur interested. D


01-12-2007 07:45:20

[b51559a2de6]come on folks.....help me out here![/b51559a2de6][/color51559a2de6][/size51559a2de6]