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12-11-2007 16:53:28

Thats right!! I am working on money.123stuff4free now and it is very possible to green on this site 100% free by completing some of the newer offers they have listed!! Thats right, this means you will be making $20 absolutly free and become a member to come pretty cool services!! And another bonus is that you will then have a GREAT start to a great network!! it is rated right up there with TRAINN and is also grade A legit on A4F!! Come trade with a member with +57 combined TR, check out the links in my sig (of they work, lol... I go by the same user name on each forum so I should be easy to find! I am reliable and honest, and don't forget patient with the newbies. i will help out any of the newer people the best that I can and will not get frustrated with them if they mess up now and then!!

PM me if interested!!


14-11-2007 22:18:33