Newbies Come Get This Easy $$$ Paying $20-$40 On Green!!

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11-11-2007 15:12:06

Newbees Come Get This Easy $$$$ Paying $20-$40 On Green!!!!
Welcome!!!My name is Laurence and I may be new to this forum but not new to this business. I do 99% of my trading on the LunchRoom FLR and my TR is 26+. I have Nine really great sites for Newbies who are looking to go Green quickly and don't have to go broke doing it!!

http// $20

In order to view the offers on both of the V-Bux sites just click on the link right above both of them and that will show you the offers and how much they are worth on each site. You need a total of 100% to go green on anyone of the V-Bux sites which is very easy to achieve. I should also mention that all of my sites are repeatable, meaning that you can cash out of them as many times as you like where with most sites once you have completed your requirements to get your prize thats it. The rest of my sites are one credit sites and they are very easy to go green on not to mention very cheap as well.. So as soon as you go Green Depending on what sites you choose I will pay you $20-$40 right on the spot!! Plus I offer live help via Phone or Instant Messenger which ever one you are comfortable with. I really want your business so I'll do what ever it takes to help you go Green so you can make this money! Its a win win for both of us so check out these sites and get back to me A.S.A.P

Do not sign up at any of the websites above. Send me a PM or Email and I will send you my referral link to sign up with.


12-11-2007 15:03:44